What is Revival? The Purpose and Need of Revival

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Title:  What is Revival? The Purpose and Need of Revival
Speaker: Dr. Benny M. Abante, Jr.
Passage: Habakkuk 3:2; Psalm 35:6
Service: Sunday Evening Service
Date: October 23, 2016

Habakkuk 3:2; Psalm 85:6 / Romans 13:11-14
-Dr. Benny M. Abante, Jr.-
Preached during the Sunday Evening Worship Service
MBBC Sta. Ana, Mla., October 23, 2016

Habakkuk 3:2; Psalm 85:6


Revival is not a miracle or an emotional upheaval. It is not just waiting for God to do something, but it is God asking His people to do something.


A. What is the state of God’s people today?

Many of God’s people today, especially among the young people are living in backslidden state. They live for the world and not for the Word. They are lukewarm. They have left their first love. They are carnally minded. They are complacent [unworried; self-satisfied]. And they have taken the Lord for granted and God out of their life.

B. What is Revival?

  1. It means conviction of sin on the part of God’s people.
  2. It means that backslidden believers are brought to repentance and urged to come back to the Lord.
  3. It means believers have their faith renewed –
    1. To labor more for the Lord;
    2. To love God more;
    3. To mourn and be grieved when believers take God for granted; and
    4. To have a strong burning desire to DO MORE for Christ and His Gospel.
  4. Revival breaks the power of the world and of sin over the lives of the believers.
    1. Believers are caused to live above the world again; and
    2. Believers’ affections are set anew before God.
  5. Sinners are saved and converted – not just plain sinners but those hard-core or low-down sinners.


Romans 13:11-14


If . . .
If all the sleeping folk will wake up
And all the lukewarm folk will fire up
And all the dishonest folk will confess up
And all the disgruntled folk will sweeten up
And all the discouraged folk will cheer up
And all the depressed folk will look up
And all the estranged folk will make up
And all the gossipers will shut up
And all the dry bones will shake up
And all the church members will pray up
Then you have revival! -selected


A. The WHY of Revival:

  1. Because Of the signs of the times (2 Timothy 3:1-7).
  2. Because the Lord is giving all the opportunity for people to come to Him – both for the Saved and the Unsaved (Romans 13:11-12).
  3. Because the opportunity is not forever – for salvation and for service (Romans 13:11-14).
  4. Because JUDGMENT is surely coming:
    • The Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11-15); and
    • The Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10).

B. The WHEN of Revival

  1. When God’s people are not winning souls anymore as they should –Christ’s occupation (Psalm 126:1-6);
  2. When God’s people are not praying anymore as they should – Christ’s pastime (Jeremiah 33:3);
  3. When God’s people are not faithful anymore to God and to the Church as they should – “ye are our epistle known and read by all men” (2Corinthians 3:2);
  4. When God’s people do not care or ought to care anymore as they should (1Peter 3:8-9);
  5. When God’s people are not giving anymore as they should); and
  6. When God’s people are sinning more than winning souls for Christ.
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