Dr. Benny M. Abante, Jr.

Sermon Information

Title: The Brazen Serpent
Speaker: Dr. Benny M. Abante, Jr.
Passage: Numbers 21:6-9; 14-15 (KJV)
Service: Sunday Evening Service
Date: August 13, 2017

The Synopsis

Snakes, what we call as “creepy crawlies” have the ugly reputation of not only being venomous, but auguring death and evil. But through this message, God brought this serpent to a different light, for this brazen serpent of Moses represents God’s plan of salvation! Brass, a picture of judgment, and the “poison-less serpent”, Christ, became a man to be sin for us. He is no other than our Savior who is blameless and perfect (Hebrews 4:15)

Sinner, shun away the spiritual snake of your life! Look “not to the wood, but the Lord”; not the pole, but the Only Cure to our sin-sick hearts, the Lord Jesus Christ!



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