Part 5 – The Construction of the Temple (Part 3)

Ptr. Boy Glinoga

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Series: Lessons from the Life of Solomon
Title: Part 5 – The Construction of the Temple (Part 3)
Speaker: Ptr. Boy Glinoga
Passage: 2 Chronicles 2:6 (KJV)
Service: New Life Bible Class
Date: December 01, 2016

1 Kings 5:1-7:51; 2 Chronicles 2:1-4:22

6 But who is able to build him an house, seeing the heaven and heav-en of heavens cannot contain him? who am I then, that I should build him an house, save only to burn sacrifice before him?

—2 Chronicles 2:6—

3. The Inner Sanctuary or the Holy of Holies—the most important part of the Tabernacle.

3.1. The Ark (Exodus 25:10-16)—was made of acacia (shitim) wood and the exterior and interior of the ark were covered with gold. The ark performs a two-fold function. First, it was a repository for certain items relating to God to His people. The ark was first of all to contain the covenant bound the Lord to His peo-ple (Exod. 25:16, 21). According to Deuteronomy 10:3, the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were placed in this ark. The ark also contained Aaron’s rod. When Korah rebelled against the will of God and sought the priesthood for himself (Numbers 16), God reconfirmed Aaronic line of priesthood by miraculously causing Aaron’s rod to bud while the other rods did not (Numbers 17). The second function of the ark was to provide a meeting place for God and His people. His meeting with His people was directly connected to their obedience to His covenant.

3.2. The Mercy Seat (Exodus 25:17). On top of the ark was the mercy seat constructed of pure gold. The exact thickness of the pure gold mercy seat is not stated. The meaning of the term mercy seat is related to its function. The Hebrew term has traditionally been understood to mean “to cover.” The Greek version of the Old Testament called the Septuagint, translates the term by a Greek word meaning, “propitiate” in Eng-lish. The mercy seat played a central role when the high priest entered the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement. On that day the high priest had to sprinkle blood on the mercy seat in order to come before the Lord’s presence (Lev. 16:14-15).

3.3. The Cherubim (Ezek. 1:10) – on top of the mercy seat were two cherubim facing each other with their wings outstretched and touching. The cherubim appeared to hover protectively over the ark and the mercy seat. The golden cherubim were closer to the presence of the Lord than any other item associated with the tabernacle (Genesis 3). The cherubim were only associated with the highest or most prominent individuals of their day. Their presence over the mercy seat bore testimony to the supreme importance of the Lord. He was to a sov-ereign King. The emphasis on the wings of the cherubim may relate to their ability to move about between Heaven and earth in the presence of the Lord. The cherubim were the clearest evidence of God’s presence. Seeing them was as close as man could come to seeing God. All the furnishings were gold. This teaches us that the closer we come to the Lord, the purer we become.


The Temple could have been built with cheaper materials with less trouble but Solomon was given great wisdom and in his wisdom, he realized that the building of the Temple was not the place to save money. This building was built as a place for worship of the God who created the universe. The great lesson is that we should always offer God our best. We often keep back our best for ourselves or for those we highly esteem. We should realize that nothing we will ever do on earth deserves more of our time, money and talent than the service of the Lord. When we put our hearts into the service of the Lord and our attitudes are right, we will want to do our best and give our best. Solomon and the people of Israel gave their best to God and their efforts challenge us to do likewise.


God’s magnificent glory should be reflected in everything we do for Him. Our BEST for HIS GLORY (1 Cor. 10:31)!

—BP’s Messages/David Robinson,
Through the Bible/John R. Master,
Timely Truths from the Tabernacle 12.04.16


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